Courses Offer 2019/2020

The Wroclaw University of Economics and Business has a wide range of courses taught in English. Students taking part in the Erasmus program/Free Mover students can choose courses both from our offer comprising more than 100 courses dedicated specifically to Erasmus and Free Mover Students and from regular international programs.

A course will run provided a minimum number of participants are confirmed for the course. The required minimum is 10 participants.
While choosing your courses, please check the syllabus (all syllabuses for Erasmus courses can be found HERE).

These programs are addressed to international students and Polish students who want to study in English. However, Erasmus and Free Mover students are welcome to join the existing groups and study the subjects they find interesting or useful in their course of study. This option is subject to availability of places.
Students can choose courses from the following English programs:

Bachelor programs
  • BSIF – Bachelor Studies in Finance
  • BIIB – Bachelor in International Business
  • BI – Business Informatics
  • BIMM – Bachelor in Management and Marketing
  • BBM – Bachelor of Business Management
  • BM – Business Management
  • F – Finance
  • IB – International Business
Master programs
  • BM – Business Management
  • F – Finance
  • IB – International Business
  • MSIF – Master Studies in Finance
  • MIIB – Master in International Business
  • MBM – Master of Business Management

Syllabuses for Bachelor and Master courses can be found HERE.
Instruction on how to find syllabuses for Bachelor/Master courses.

You can find the current offer of courses available for you in this file.
In case of any questions concerning courses or your Learning Agreement, please contact Ms Anna Witek-Crabb, our ECTS Coordinator, at

PLEASE NOTE, the current offer of courses may be subject to change!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Students are allowed to take courses for a total of 35 ECTS per semester as a maximum!

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