The hydrogen revolution in California as the subject of our Ph.D. student's research project under the Fulbright-Schuman Award 2022/2023

The hydrogen revolution in California as the subject of our Ph.D. student's research project under the Fulbright-Schuman Award 2022/2023

Since August, our Ph.D. student and research and teaching assistant at the Department of International Business, Paweł Brusiło, has been carrying out a research project awarded the Fulbright-Schuman Award 2022/2023. As a Fulbright Visiting Graduate Student at the University of California, San Diego, Mr. Brusiło conducts research under the supervision of prof. David G. Victor, head of the Center for Global Transformation and the Deep Decarbonization Initiative.

Pawel Brusilo

As our employee reports: "The host research center is one of the world's leading institutions involved in shaping strategies for counteracting climate change, which is an ideal place to conduct research as part of the research internship. A six-month stay at this university will also allow me to acquire new research and teaching competencies through participation in additional lectures, seminars, conferences, and workshops". The purpose of the research internship is to assess the impact of California energy transition policies and strategies in the area of efforts to increase the use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the energy and transportation sectors.

Implementation of the awarded research concept, and thus the current concept of the dissertation prepared under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Bogusława Drelich-Skulska is to lead to the formulation of recommendations for regional and central authorities in the area of shaping public policies in the indicated area. The recommendations will be the subject of in-depth interviews with decision-makers at the EU level (European Commission), as well as at the national level in Germany and Poland. It is worth emphasizing that the purpose of the research in California, as well as substantive consultations with representatives of public authorities, is the final presentation of recommendations for regional authorities, especially for regions such as Lower Silesia, which show great potential and interest for the implementation of the regional energy transition through, inter alia, supporting the development and implementation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the regional energy and transportation sectors. You can read more about the research and teaching activities, as well as the research projects of Mr. Paweł Brusiło, on his website:

We wish Paweł Brusiło that he achieves all his research goals. We hope that the stay at the University of California San Diego will be an opportunity to establish international research cooperation and gain valuable competencies to implement further ambitious research projects and teaching activities at our University!

The Fulbright-Schuman program has been offering scholarships for doctoral students and researchers for over 30 years for the implementation of research projects related to the policies and areas of activity of the European Union in all scientific disciplines or relations between the USA and the European Union. The scholarship is co-financed by the US Department of State and the European Commission. In this year's competition under the Fulbright-Schuman Program, only 11 scholarships were awarded (in the category dedicated to Ph.D. students and Ph.D. students) from all EU Member States.

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