1. Should I have degree of master in economics to apply for Doctoral Program in Economics, Management and Finance at the Economic University in Wrocław? What, when I have degree of master in another area?

    You can apply for Doctoral Program in Economics, Management and Finance at the Economic University in Wrocław having master degree in other area.

  2. It seems that lecture times are kept to minimum (for instance, 10 hours of the lecture in “Quantitative methods in economics and management”) and that students will have to study much in their free time. What, if any student is missing the core knowledge in any of the topics. Will he or she have to fill the gaps on his or her own?

    Apart of the lecture time, students will have on-line access to the professors. Students will get on-line explanations, hints, additional texts/materials to study and answers to their questions.

  3. Students have to be physically present in Wrocław on the Doctoral Program lectures. This could create problems for the candidates that live and work outside of Poland.

    General concept of our Doctoral Program organization consists in having one 6-days/10 hours per day-meeting in one semester. This solution, we think, will help the students that live and work abroad Poland to participate in the Program without job problems during their study.

  4. At the end of studies will succesfull student obtain PhD diploma or other?

    PhD studies prepare/help candidates to write a doctoral dissertation. To get PhD diploma, student has to write and successfully defend his or her doctoral dissertation and to pass the doctoral exam before.

  5. Could I write and defend doctoral dissertation on the problem, I have already selected/thought about?

    Please, send e-mails to our professors – potential doctoral dissertation supervisors (you will find them in our web site section: About the Program). You will get relevant opinions and hints from them.

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