Bachelor Studies in Business Informatics

The need to initiate Bachelor Studies in Business Informatics (BI) stems from a profound market demand in both academia and practice. This is the first BI program in Poland and sixth in Middle Europe. It fully complies with the requirements of the Bologna Process.

The BI program is designed to produce graduates equipped to function in entry level business informatics positions with a strong basis for continued career growth. And so, a BI graduate will be acquainted with problem solving models, techniques and approaches; critical thinking and creativity concepts and techniques; leadership standards; codes of professional conduct; legal and regulatory standards.

The business part of the studies will acquaint a graduate with organizational theory and business models; the systems approach; evaluation of business performance; functional business areas, like marketing, human resources, logistics and manufacturing. The communication and team work studies will help understand and apply the issues of motivation, encouragement, negotiating and facilitating, and operation in a global, culturally diverse environment. Building a team, team decision making, operating in a virtual team environment are next exit characteristics of a BI graduate.

The computing part of the studies will develop the potential in collecting, summarizing and interpreting data; computer systems hardware and software; networking and telecommunications; operating systems management; personal use of information technology and information systems; Web page and Web architecture design and development, etc.

The structure and sequence of the courses permit completion of the BI bachelor program in three years, with the teaching hours totaling 2007 and ECTS points equaling 180 for regular (resident) studies, and 1264 hours and 180 ECTS points for non-residents (weekend) studies. Wroclaw University of Economics employs an internationally experienced, fluently English-speaking academic staff, which ensures the highest quality of the BI studies. Also, visiting professors from renown world universities are taking part in this program.

The BI graduate will become a knowledge worker, capable of filling positions which include, but are not limited to:

Prerequisites: Completed Secondary School, basic knowledge of informatics and high level of English

Duration: 3 academic years (6 semesters)

Tuition Fee: EU Citiziens: Free, Non EU Citziens: 2500 Euro per academic year

The program

First semester: Economics, Mathematics, Fundamentals of Information Systems, Information and Communication technology, Foreign languages 1&2, Physical Training

Second semester: Management, Business Statistics and Econometrics, Business Programming, Databases, Foreign languages 1&2, Physical Training

Third semester: Business Principles and Organization, Business Finance and Accounting, Advanced Programming, System Analysis and Design, Foreign languages 1&2, Physical Training

Fourth semester: IT Project Management, Computer Network and Security, Minor Courses, Bachelor Project, Foreign Languages 1&2, Physical Training

Fifth semester: Knowledge Management and Artificial intelligence, Industrial Project, Minor Courses, Bachelor Project

Sixth semester: Elective courses, Industrial Project, Minor Courses, Bachelor Project

More information

prof.dr hab. Mieczysław Owoc

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