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Our University is a place of varied activities aimed at maintaining friendly and open attitude. The students can expand their range of interests and broaden their knowledge through active participation in student organizations and student scientific societies. They prepare cultural venues, thematic competitions, in-house training sessions, and actions promoting local enterprises. WUE supports the activities of our student government and other organizations, such as: AEGEE, AIESEC, NZS, ZSP, AZS, WIGGOR, Stygmatyk, and Student Forum of the Business Centre Club. Students publish an independent periodical (B.E.S.T.) and an e-zine (Student nternet Magazine “Autentyk”). The Academic Group of Photography is one of the most popular extracurricular activity societies. In 2007, our students commenced regular broadcasts of the “TV-Kampus” circuit television network. WUE is proud of the achievements of our academic choir “Ars Cantandi”, which, despite its fairly short traineeship of 5 years, has managed to gain considerable merits, including the Grand Prix title at The 2nd Venceslaus Samotulinus (Wacław z Szamotuł) Choir Competition (in 2008) and Golden diploma and Special Award from Polish Radio of Pomerania and Kuyavia in the IVth Passion Song Competition in Bydgoszcz (in 2009).

Of numerous activities undertaken by our student community, noteworthy are the venues which have gained a regular status, such as: the Economic Science Competition, the Financial Science Competition, The B.e.s.t.-ory, Best of the Best, Woman with Wiggor, Wampiriada, Muzzykalia, Wiggram, Targowisko, Językalia – European Day of Languages, Summer University, Manipulacje z Personą, and Job Fairs. The traditions of our student scientific movement span over nearly 60 years.

Student scientific societies are a forum of opinion exchange, knowledge gathering, and practical training. Their members are also involved in organization of national thematic conferences. WUE supports the activities of our Academic Business Incubator, addressed to entrepreneurs, and offering free professional advice and chances for practical development of skills indispensable in every business activity, especially at starting private small businesses. Skills and knowledge of our students and graduates are best attested by numerous achievement projects, competitions, and tournaments organized by various institutions. Master theses of our students have received multiple awards from organizations, funds, economic societies, and central government bodies.


This English-language science club operates under the Institute of Finance Management of the Faculty of Management, Computer Science and Finances at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. The aim of the association is to allow the students to deepen their knowledge and develop skills in the field of financial analysis, as well as to implement their newly acquired skills in the practical activities of the Association. The Analyst Association cooperates with experienced practitioners and respected academics, and through the working with the CFA Society of Poland, promotes the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exams among the future financiers and entrepreneurs who are both potential funders for the students who apply for the certificate and their future employers. The mission of the Association is to educate competent international financial executives. Each meeting of the Association also constitutes an opportunity to learn and develop skills in specialized terminology of the financial world in English.

The association for enthusiasts of modern technologies and their use in business, which operates at the Department of Management, Computer Science and Finances at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. The Association’s activity is focused on scientific research related to the information technologies used in business. In this way, the association allows students to improve their knowledge of information technology and prepares them for the practical use of their acquired skills. For the full implementation of this approach, the Association cooperates with companies dealing with information technologies used in business to the benefit of both students and partners of the Association.

The association was created in 2002 at the initiative of the students of the Faculty of Management, Computer Science and Finances and has been functioning at the Department of Organization Theory and Management. The association was founded to promote the wider knowledge of organization and business management. Through their activities, the members want to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises by promoting the idea of entrepreneurship and supporting young people in starting their own business.

The association also aims to raise awareness of the organization and management, promote development of leadership, interpersonal skills and the skills necessary for their successful functioning on the free market, as well as create opportunities to gain experience and development for the students who dream of starting their own business.

The association gathers students from various fields of economics, who wish to broaden their knowledge in their areas of interest, in particular in the field of project management (IMPA, PRINCE, PRINCE 2 and PMI).

The association deals with the issues of Project Management and aims to raise the intellectual potential of students at the University of Economics in Wroclaw and to increase their attractiveness on the labour market. For this purpose, the association is focused on the following: deepening the knowledge of management with a particular emphasis on Project Management, development of the students’ skills and their improvement, deepening practical knowledge and experience in the use of the latest achievements in the field of management and in particular in the field of Project Management, the integration of the academic society, support and development of the students’ activities and preparing members of the association for the practical use of their newly obtained knowledge.


The Association deals with issues of spatial planning and sustainable development on the local, regional and international levels. The members of the Association organize outdoor research trips, scientific conferences on the topic of spatial economy, CityGame – an urban game within the Ekonomalia, and trips for students interested in the special issues and problems of the environment.

The Association operates at two Faculties of the University of Economics in Wroclaw: at the Department of Banking at the Faculty of Management and Computer Science and the Department of Finance at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. The media patron for the Association is Polish Financial Portal The Bankier Association is a place where enthusiasts of banking and personal finance carry out interesting research projects, learn the specifics of work in the banking sector and gain experience in working with financial institutions. This means a unique atmosphere, conferences since 2005 filled up to the last spare seat, and substantive debates, namely "Bankier - experiences that pay off!"

The primary objective of the association is to deepen the knowledge of its members on how to research markets and competition. The association organizes meetings to hold discussions about the theoretical basis of market research. The main objective of the association is to familiarize its members with the practice of analysing markets and competition through participation in projects, case studies and meetings with practitioners - analysts.

The association has been operating since 1996 and it brings together students who want to actively use their period of study and turn their acquired theoretical knowledge into practical one. The field of interest of the association is mainly about the issues related to international relations and international business. The association’s motto is: We break down barriers, we cross borders, we claim the world! In the course of their previous work, the members of the association contributed to a number of regional events which were of great interest to students. The organised seminars and conferences about, among others, the topic of trade in arms, the importance of Asia in the modern world, or cultural differences. The association organizes meetings with business practitioners, and establishes contacts with companies and organizations operating in the field of international relations.

The association gathers creative people with passion, who want to be active, take on new challenges and creatively implement development and research projects which have a real and beneficial impact on the environment. The members of the association possess curiosity and a desire for continuous learning and improvement of their competences. Their work takes place in a team based on the methodology of Design Thinking - a creative and systematic approach to the development of innovative, customized solutions targeted to meet the needs of their users.

It is an association for the enthusiasts of tax-related issues. B. Franklin said, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." If you want to become an expert on the first issue – study medicine. If you wish to master the latter - join us. The association promotes: elitism, because very few people know about us; practice; the screening of tax cases and preparations for the exam for a tax advisor.

The name of the association comes from a combination of two English words - Experimental and Economics. As you might guess, the association is engaged in research in the area of experimental economics. Its members participate in numerous competitions based on economic and business simulations (in particular they annually participate in the Global Management Challenge competition).

The Science club for Marketing "FOKUS" has been functioning since 2001. The purpose of the association is to focus students interested in broadening their intellectual horizons and developing their knowledge and skills related to the issues of marketing, in particular in the field of marketing communications, marketing research, and the use of the Internet in marketing. The association focuses on the attitude of openness and creative exchange of thoughts and ideas. Among the activities organised by the association there were conferences and competitions (including a competition for a screenplay and film promoting Wroclaw, organised in cooperation with the Office of City Promotion and the Office of the City of Wroclaw, the Creative Advertising Festival “Wizualia”) and regular meetings in the form of workshops, presentations and lectures. In recent years, students have actively participated in the implementation of research projects and acquired the related practical skills.

The association is engaged in expanding knowledge of its members and conducting research and experiments in the field of broadly defined behavioural economics and the economic psychology, behavioural finance and marketing. The association organizes numerous meetings and conferences so that the members have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in the above-mentioned fields.

The association Hossa Procapital is one of the most famous science clubs operating at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. Thanks to its activity, it has become a recognizable brand, and former members of the association make careers in major financial institutions in Poland and abroad. What distinguishes Hossa Procapital among all science clubs is their permanent activity even during the bess of the market. For the members of the association, capital markets are a passion and knowledge which they want to develop and promote among students. The meetings of the association are open and there are numerous guests there every week, including free listeners. Hossa ProCapital has operated since 1998, organising a number of projects every year, such as: "Wroclaw Investment Days", "The Academy of Technical Analysis", "The Academy of the Valuation of Enterprise", "Financial Markets of Tomorrow".

The association is concerned with both scientific activity and organizing all kinds of cultural and entertainment events. Past events include: hispanomalia, film screenings, fiestas, scientific conferences.

The aim of the association is to familiarise the students with the issues of the free market, to educate them in the field of economic theory and topics related to the economy and freedom, to help them develop scientific interests in the field of the Austrian school of economics and others with the emphasis on economic freedom, to support the scientific development of the members and activities for the expansion of economic freedom in Poland. The association organizes lectures, debates, meetings, which are ideal for the development of ambitious, curious students.

The association proMOTION unites young people ready to take on new challenges, who wish to increase their experience in teamwork, as well as their knowledge on promotion, marketing and management. The association operates in accordance with its stated objective - to promote different forms of development, activation, entrepreneurship and self-improvement. Members believe in the possibility of personal fulfilment and development, supported not only by theory, but also by practice. They want to make good use of their time at the University, to be noticed and thus contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in the field of promotion, marketing and management.

The aim of the association is to deepen the knowledge of its members on the broader history of economic and social development and the promotion of interests in this area, as well as to integrate students with similar interests. Members of the association are involved in the development of papers, articles in the field of economic history at thematic conferences, preparation of materials and papers for printing within the academic and popular science publishing, organising meetings, lectures, conferences and exhibitions on issues of economic history and related sciences, as well as organizing thematic trips to places connected with the issues of economic history.

The association is a group of students wishing to learn the SAP solution and the specificity of implementation projects. A substantive support from experts in the SAP implementation in the country and abroad, combined with full access to the university SAP ERP version of IDES ECC 6.0 gives them a very wide range of possibilities.

The area of interest of the members of the association is as follows: strategic management in enterprises and other organizations, strategic analysis, strategic choice dilemmas, strategies for organizational success. The association organises meetings with the practitioners of strategic management and undertakes projects for various businesses.

Science club for Innovation and Entrepreneurship INNOACTIVE is an initiative created as a result of the growing interest of students with the subject of entrepreneurship and innovative business. As part of the initiatives in INNOACTIVE, the members of the association want to create a platform of knowledge for innovative academic entrepreneurship. INNOACTIVE is a bridge towards the promotion of entrepreneurship among students and the entire academic community, and it is overcoming mental barriers in terms of innovative business. INNOACTIVE is a response to the demand of the science and business sectors concerning their mutual cooperation. The association aims to encourage students to explore the realities of modern business in a knowledge-based economy, re-discover “childhood’s creativity,” detect and fulfil their objectives with the conviction that to be able to do something one needs to desire it, and the other way around; "so gain more by innovative action!" The association was formed at the Department of Economic Planning and Local Government of the EU, and it will deal with issues related to innovation and academic entrepreneurship. As part of its work, the association will include: meetings with representatives of innovative companies, regional authorities and business institutions, organising conferences on topics related to innovation and cooperation with other scientific circles in Poland with similar themes.

The founders of the association are active members of the Lower Silesian Branch of  the Scientific Society for Organisation and Management (TNOiKu). Scientific Society for Organization and Management is an organization founded in 1925, dealing mainly with dissemination of knowledge about professional management. The association cooperates with numerous Polish organisations, including Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations NOT, Association 500, the National Chamber of Commerce and Polish Economic Society. For many years the association has been an active member of the World Council of Management (CIOS), the European Council of Management (CECIOS) and EFMD. It cooperates with The Institute of Management Foundation (UK) and RKW (Germany) and with organisations from countries in Central-Eastern Europe. Students united in the association gain the opportunity to participate in a number of interesting scientific and practical initiatives.

The aim of the association is a synthetic, comprehensive presentation of the issues of project management, the acquisition by the students' of the ability to understand the nature and role of project management, and enabling the understanding of the principles of managing multiple projects. Meetings, seminars and workshops organised by the association are focused on preparing the students for the application for the IPMA - STUDENT certification, which is both a summary of academic education in the field of project management, and an objective and recognized by employers certificate of qualifications that are universal and independent of the industry. Moreover, the association is going to enable the students to acquire the knowledge required to obtain the certificate.


Founded in 2005, it brings together active people with ideas and energy, who want to develop their passion towards photography. The Academic Photographic Group focuses on the observation of the world around us and commenting on the current situation. It undertakes a variety of topics, depending on the proposals and interests. The association cooperates with various student organisations, as well as with volunteers.

The association operates within the Faculty of Engineering and Economics at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. The main and only current area of activity for the association is biotechnology, in particular the fermentation industry. The association unites a group of students of the University of Economics in Wroclaw from the third, fourth and fifth year of studies, as well as a small number of graduates and people from outside the University (the association’s Statute allows this possibility). The members of the association learn in a practical way about the fermentation processes, such as the technological process of the production of beer, wine, agricultural distillates, malting barley, wheat, rye, amaranth, buckwheat and other grains, transplantation and promotion of the various strains of brewer's yeast, wine and distillery as well as the process of production of bio-components (bioethanol, bioestry). Moreover, members of the association conduct analytical (physico-chemical, microbiological and organoleptic) research of brewing raw materials (malt, water, yeast) and manufactured products of fermentation.

The organisation for enthusiasts of chemistry, to whom practice speaks more than theory. It is also a place for people who have deficiencies in this field of knowledge. Meetings of the association provide opportunities to acquire an interesting and colourful experience, familiarise oneself with the laboratory equipment, reagents and modern research. The theme of the meetings are also sciences allied with chemistry: biochemistry, geology, technology, environmental protection and pyrotechnics. The association also organises excursions to popular-scientific research institutions and industrial plants.

The association is an initiative of third-year students of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics, and it functions at the Department of Economics and Food Economy. This association is addressed to students interested in the issues of marketing and marketing research. Ongoing activities of the association focus primarily on research projects in the field of marketing and marketing research. The projects are open to all students of the University of Economics. Those interested can participate in the development of the methodology and implementation of marketing research from their very first year at the University.

The association helps students develop scientific interests in the field of economics and production engineering. It is a place where students gain the experience necessary to use the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. They also improve their practical knowledge of production and economy. The aim of the association is to help the students exchange information and experience in the areas covered by the interest of its members. The association puts great emphasis on cooperation with businesses and scientific and teaching institutions, whose activities are related to the field of interest of the association.

The association was founded in 2010 at the Faculty of Engineering and Economics and it functions directly with the Department of Bioprocess Engineering. Members of the association are students of Management and Production Engineering, who share a common interest in the field of technology and engineering processes, in which the primary role is played by natural or modified organisms, especially bacteria and yeasts.

The association was created as an initiative of third-year students of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics at the Department of Analysis of Quality at Wroclaw University of Economics in 2014. The association helps students plan a future career in modern organizations focused on improving the quality and safety management systems. It is addressed to all those interested in enhancing their knowledge in this field and its practical application in the business environment through participation in training courses, conferences and meetings with potential employers. The aim of the Science club for Safety Management in the Organization: conducts research projects for ensuring safety in the companies of the food sector; establishes cooperation with Polish enterprises from Lower Silesia; conducts dissemination of scientific achievements, collaboration with other scientific circles and the integration of academic societies; supports charity.

The association has been operating since 2002 at the Department of Quality Analyses at the Faculty of Engineering and Economics. It brings together people who are interested in issues concerning management, with particular emphasis on quality management. The association conducts all kinds of meetings aimed at exploring the knowledge of quality management systems among the members, as well as the popularisation of knowledge among the academic community. In addition, members of the association organise all kinds of conferences, participate in conferences organised by student associations from across Poland and the world of industry, publish scientific or popular scientific articles, participate in fairs, which allows them to keep up to date with all the news, organise trips to manufacturing companies and meetings with industry representatives in the EU, cooperate with the Office of Career and Professional Promotion of the EU in the field of professional support and development of  organizational skills and communication, as well as mediate in organising trainings for internal auditors of ISO systems, leading to obtaining a certificate for an internal auditor of ISO system for a particular series.

The association was created in 2007 by students of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics and it operates in the Department of Enterprise Management. The purpose of the association is: to contribute to raising the scientific level of students of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics and preserve the good name of the University, the expansion of knowledge related to the management of companies and other organizations, acquisition of the ability to implement the knowledge gained in the field of management, activating students to gain experience in management organisations, creating opportunities for input by the students on the labor market, activating students to undertake social activities, mainly in the Faculty of Engineering and Economics, integration of people with similar interests, popularisation of the basic knowledge about management among junior high school and secondary school students.

The association was created in 2005 by the fourth year students of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics and it operates in the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations. The association unites students interested in human resource management, willing to gain practical knowledge and develop their scientific interests in the field of HRM. Members of the association tend to confront their current and newly obtained theoretical knowledge with practice, through cooperation with local employers. The dominant form of work are lectures, workshops, whereas training is often combined with the screening of films about the practical problems of human resource management and discussions about them. The meetings are  attended not only by members of the association, but also by the unaffiliated students and guests from business practice.

Students of the association are also engaged in various student organisations, music organisations, student newspapers and student television. Their participation in these organisations allows for the implementation of their passions and development of social skills. We can include the following organisations:

In short – people who are interested in the full development of their personality. The association allows its members to develop not only their personality but also specific professional knowledge and skills. The focus of the association is counselling - from consulting management, through legal advice, financial advice on mergers and acquisitions, accounting consulting and auditing, tax consulting, IT consulting, to consulting recruitment and activity of private equity funds.


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