Professor Lucjan T. Orlowski

The Senate of Wroclaw University of Economics, with their decision of January 30, 2014, has expressed their consent for the conferment of the honorary doctorate title to Professor Lucjan T. Orłowski of Sacred Heart University, the world-renowned U.S. economist of Polish origin.
The academic community of Wroclaw University of Economics is honored to grant this mark of utmost distinction to Professor Orłowski, in recognition of his exceptional academic achievements, his remarkable educational skills, his impressive talent in the popularization of economic issues, his active involvement in the proceedings of many international organizations, and, above all, his dedication and invaluable input in the modernization of Polish economic system.

The ceremony of conferring the honorary title of doctor of Wrocław University of Economics to Professor Lucjan T. Orlowski was held on March 6, 2014.

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