Mission & Vision

Our mission

To be a leading centre of creative thought and economic education in our region of Europe

Our vision

The WUE shall be a modern unit of education and research, an advisory and opinion-making unit
permanently embedded in the regional, national and international area, undertaking activities leading to sustainable development in the sense of social and ethical responsibility, friendly to the staff, students and graduates, and open to all its surroundings.

Both the mission and the vision of the University are a fruit of broad consultations with various stakeholder groups, both external and internal. Our mission statement places emphasis on two central elements or fundaments, namely: the scientific research (To be a leading centre of creative thought), and the equally important area of student education (economic education). Both elements have been formulated in reference to the intended objective (To be a leading centre in our region of Europe). The wealth of resources available to us in terms of research personnel, administrative support, and the appropriate infrastructure, are perceived as central in the task of meeting the stated objectives of attaining a position of a regional leader in both dimensions. 

Our University’s mission represents a long-term commitment, and its fundaments have served as basis for the formulation of strategic objectives for WUE to be reached by the end of 2020. The objectives are subject to continuous scrutiny by members of the WUE Committee for Academic Strategy, comprised of research personnel and representatives of the student body. In the course of its regular meetings, the Committee is involved in monitoring the progress in the realisation of objectives deemed strategic for our University, as identified in the formal wording of our mission, vision, and development strategy statements. All initiatives undertaken by our University are perceived in the context of their potential impact upon the realisation of objectives expressed in the mission and the vision statements. 

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