Thesis defence procedure

Procedure for thesis defense at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

1. Student with all positive grades in the USOS system and financial liabilities related to studies settled, should log into the APD system (Theses and Dissertations Archive) and upload necessary thesis data before coming to the dean's office. Then they submit the thesis to the supervisor (by clicking the appropriate button). The date of submission of the thesis should be agreed with the supervisor, so as to enable her to verify the data, check the thesis with anti-plagiarism software and approve it in the system no later than 10 days before the planned date of the degree examination.

2. Supervisor logs into the APD system, verifies thesis data entered by the student and reads the report from JSA (Unified Anti-plagiarism System). On this basis, supervisor decides whether to accept the result of the anti-plagiarism check, recommend corrections or to report plagiarism. After accepting the check result, supervisor submits thesis for review (by clicking the appropriate button). This should take place no later than 10 days before the planned date of the degree examination.

3. After thesis is accepted by the supervisor, student logs into the APD system to print the thesis and the anti-plagiarism report from JSA ("color print" - "general report").

4. No later than 7 days before the planned date of the exam student delivers to the dean's office:

a) 2 copies of the thesis:

b) a print-out of the general report from JSA in color version signed by the supervisor;

c) a settled circulation card (a form named "clearnce slip" is available here); in addition to the entries that are on the circulation card, remember to settle with the libraries that you used during your studies and about the return of materials borrowed from supervisors and employees of the University; confirmations should be included on the circulation card;

d) proof of payment of 60 PLN fee for the diploma, made to student's individual billing account (not applicable to part-time students);

e) four current, identical photographs with dimensions of 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm (without a frame) in formal wear, made on photographic paper;

f) a statement (consent / disagreement) about the disclosure of personal data for the purpose of examining the fate of graduates, on a separate A4 sheet (a form is available here).

5. Students willing to obtain a copy of the diploma in a foreign language are required to submit an application (a form is available here), provide an additional photo with dimensions of 4.5 x 6.5 cm (identical to the diploma in Polish) and pay a fee of 40 PLN to student's individual account (a proof of payment must be attached - a separate transfer).

6. To obtain a diploma supplement in English, a separate application should be submitted (a form is available here).

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