General regulations for degree examinations

General regulations for degree examinations at the Faculty of Economic Sciences


1. Degree examination (bachelor's and master's) takes place in front of a three-person committee appointed by the dean. The committee consists of: chairman, supervisor and reviewer of the thesis. At the student's request, an observer may be present at the examination.

2. Chairperson of the committee is the vice-dean for full-time studies or the vice-dean for part-time studies. The committee may also be chaired by the dean or other vice-deans, while retaining the principle that at least one member of the committee must have a postdoctoral degree or an academic title. In justified cases, it is possible for the dean to appoint as a chairman of the committee an independent academic employee from among the Faculty's employees.

3. Degree examination takes place within one month from the date of submission to the dean's office an approved by the supervisor. In determining this date, period from July 15 to August 31 is excluded. During this period defenses do not take place, unless in justified cases, after obtaining dean's consent.

4. The date of the degree examination is set by the chairman of the committee. The examinations take place twice a week on days appointed by the vice-dean for full-time studies (one day) and the vice-dean for part-time studies (second day), based on their time schedule and considering other duties at the university. When determining the date of the exam, the chairman of the committee follows the principle of an effective organization of the defenses system, aimed at facilitating its organization, which means that on the same day, as many students as possible should join it.

5. In case a large number of students take exams and it is not possible to conduct them on the designated dates, within the required time (one month from the date of submitting the thesis), the committee's chairperson appoint additional dates. This applies in particular to June, the first half of July and the second half of September.

6. The dean may set an individual date of the degree examination for a student who submitted thesis before the end of the last semester and met the requirements set for the submission of theses or in case of a justified request of the student submitting the thesis (in the latter case the required time of one month from submitting the thesis may be exceeded).

7. Reviews of theses are carried out in the electronic system, and the printout of the review is passed to the reviewer and the supervisor for the signature immediately before the exam. Accordingly, the following deadlines shall be fixed:

8. The supervisor shall send to the dean's office by 30th of April a list of titles and proposed reviewers of theses in a given academic year. The list should be drawn up in the form and sent electronically to the appropriate year coordinator in the dean's office.

9. Supervisors and reviewers of theses are required to take part in the degree examination. In justified cases, as a substitute for the reviewer, a Faculty employee representing the field of study, under which the degree examination takes place, may be appointed to the examination committee.

10. The degree examination is conducted in an oral form and includes at least two questions from the list previously announced to the students and at least one question on the subject of the thesis. Student receives unsatisfactory grade when the number of unsatisfactory grades from answers to individual questions is greater than or equal to the number of positive grades.

11. General Regulations come into force on the day of announcement.

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