EUA Evaluation Team second visit

Wrocław University of Economics participates in the EUA (The European University Association) accreditation process. The EUA evaluation team we hosted for the first time in March 2019. EUA representatives met with the University authorities, the authorities and representatives of faculties and representatives of students. The purpose of the meetings was to evaluate the self-assessment report that our University prepared in February 2019.
On 11 – 13 June 2019, we host an EUA evaluation team composed of: Prof. Tatjana Volkova  - chairman, Prof. Hans Beunderman, Prof. F. Xavier Grau, Dr. Oliver Vettori and Mr. Matthew Kitching for the second time. The aim of the current three-day visit is the next set of meetings of EUA representatives with the University authorities, representatives of the Senate, all Centers and key units of our University as well as representatives of students, graduates and business.
The last day of the visit will be devoted to the presentation and discussion of the oral report prepared by the team.
From left: Prof. F. Xavier Grau, Prof. Jerzy Niemczyk, Prof. Hans Beunderman, Prof. Tatjana Volkova, Prof. Andrzej Kaleta, Prof. Bogusława Drelich – Skulska, Mr Matthew Kitching, Dr Oliver Vettori.
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