Methodology of Economic Sciences and Advanced Microeconomics


The course addresses the issues in writing doctoral thesis in Economics. The main objective is to present basic issues and problems encountered while researching and studying Economics. It will discuss current economic problems and focus on providing suitable framework to study further various fields of Economics. Moreover, it will provide an in-depth look at the issues of modern Microeconomics.

Course organization and administration

The course is organized in one, 10-hours- session. The session will combine the lecture with class discussion. It will be supplemented by an overview of economic experiments.

Required texts/readings

  1. R.G. Lipsey et al.: Economics. Harper & Row 1990
  2. Mark Blaug: The Methodology of Economics, or How economists Explain. Cambridge University Press, 1992
  3. O.E. Williamson: A Comparison of Alternative Approaches to Economic Organisation. JITE 1990
  4. Francis M. Bator: The Anatomy of Market Failure. The Quarterly Journal of Economics 72(3)
  5. H. R. Varian: Intermediate Microeconomics. A Modern Approach. WW Norton & Company 2005.
  6. William Niskanen: Bureaucracy and Representative Government, Aldine, Atherton 1971

Supplementary readings will be used.

Course Requirements and evaluation

  1. Adequate preparation for, attendance and participation in the session.
  2. Final essay.

Course schedule (10 hours)

Lecture 1

Duration: 2 hours
Literature/readings: (1), (2), (5)

Lecture 2

Duration: 2 hours
Literature/readings: (1), (2)

Lecture 3

Duration: 2 hours
Literature/readings: (3)

Lecture 4

Duration: 2 hours
Literature/readings: (4), (6)

Lecture 5

Duration: 2 hours
Literature/readings: (1), (5)

Total: 10 hours

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