Methodology of Experimental Economics

Course information

Lecture hours: 10

Location: Wrocław

Prerequisites: Economics

Course content

  1. History of experimental economics.
  2. The role of experiments in economics.
  3. The biggest successes of the experimental economics.
  4. Main benefits and limitations of using experiments in economic studies.
  5. Parallelism (external validity of the experimental results).
  6. The role of incentives.
  7. Field experiments.
  8. Stages of experimental studies: from building hypotheses to their statistical verification.
  9. z-Tree as a convenient tool for developing and conducting the economic experiments.

Learning outcomes

Participants of the course will learn how to plan and carry out economic experiments, and how to use their results in scientific studies. They will also gain knowledge on the main advantages and limitations of experiments as a method of scientific research.

Contact person

Dr Paweł Kuśmierczyk,




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