Applied Institutional Analysis in Management and Economics

Instructor: dr Mikołaj Klimczak


The course addresses contemporary topics in Institutional Economics. The main objective is to present basic knowledge of the institutional analysis and its applications in various sciences. It will contain all important information about the multitude of concepts and theories used in institutional analysis. It will be especially stressed their cross-science relevance including law and sociology.

Course organization and administration

The course is organized in one, 10-hours- session. The session will combine the lecture with class discussion. It will be supplemented by an overview of economic experiments.

Required texts/readings

  1. E.G Furubotn, R. Richter, Institutions and Economic Theory, University of Michigan Press 1998, 2005
  2. O.E Williamson, The Economic Institutions of Capitalism, Free Press
  3. E. Brousseau, J-M. Glachant, New Institutional Economics, Cambridge University Press
  4. M. Aoki, Toward a Comparative Institutional Analysis, The MIT Press

Supplementary readings will be used.

Course Requirements and Evaluation:

  1. Adequate preparation for, attendance and participation in the session.
  2. Final exam

Course schedule (10 hours)

Lecture 1

Duration: 2 hours,
Literature/readings: W.A.Ward, B.J.Deren: The Economics of Project Analysis, World Bank, Washington 1993

Lecture 2

Duration: 2 hours
Literature/readings: (1), (2), (3)

Lecture 3

Duration: 2 hours
Literature/readings: (1), (3)

Lecture 4

Duration: 2 hours
Literature/readings: (1), (3)

Lecture 5

Duration: 2 hours
Literature/readings: (1), (3), (4)

Total: 10 hours

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