Rules of extramural Doctoral Studies in the English language

Annex No. 1 to the Rector’s Order
No. 16/2013, of March 7, 20133

Regulations for Part-time Courses of Doctoral Studies in English

Wroclaw University of Economics provides part-time doctoral studies in the English language (hereinafter called the ‘Doctoral Studies’), on the legal basis of provisions contained in the Act of July 27, 2005, on Higher Education (Off.J. of 2005, No. 164, pos. 1365 with amendments), and the Statute of Wroclaw University of Economics.

1. Department Council, on the basis of their statutory provisions, issues their decision on initiating official procedures for recruitment of students for the next edition of part-time doctoral studies in English and endorses the content of academic curriculum for the studies, making them public 3 months before the commencement of the next academic year.

2. The commencement of the next edition of part-time doctoral studies in English will be subject to the stipulation that the number of candidates satisfies or exceeds the requirements of cost-effectiveness (including the University’s surcharges).

3.  The aim of doctoral studies is to prepare students for the task of writing their own doctoral theses, under the guidance of an academic tutor.

4. Part-time doctoral studies in English are provided in the form of a 6-semester course.

5. Part-time doctoral studies are provided on commercial basis. Tuition fees will be decided upon by the University Rector.


6. Candidates are required to hold a master degree or its equivalent.

7. The recruitment procedure involves an interview and a test of competence in the English language. The dates of recruitment proceedings will be decided and announced by the head of doctoral studies of the respective Department.

8. Recruitment proceedings are held and supervised by a recruitment committee, appointed by Department Dean.

Head of doctoral studies

9. The proper Department Council will appoint an experienced academic as head of doctoral studies. The appointed person will hold a degree of doctor habilitatus or an academic title.

10. The head of doctoral studies will be responsible for:

  1. Managing the course of doctoral studies and supervising the functioning and organization of the studies, as well as making decisions in all matters concerning the course of studies.
  2. Submitting motions to the Department Dean on:
    1. doctoral study admissions
    2. extending, on individual basis, the duration of doctoral studies.
  3. Making decisions in matters concerning:
    1. transfer of academic requirements and obligations specified for a given academic semester to the next semester
    2. enlisting students for the next semester of studies
  4. Performing annual evaluations of students’ progress based on marks obtained at the end of semester.
  5. Supervising administrative tasks, including issuance of administrative decisions, orders and certificates, as defined and required by applicable laws and other regulations binding for the office of the head of doctoral studies; in particular: decisions on discontinuation of studies.
  6. Preparing expenditure estimates for each edition of doctoral studies, as defined in applicable regulations of Wroclaw University of Economics.
  7. Performing the duties of the head of doctoral studies in accordance with all applicable state laws and all applicable internal regulations of Wroclaw University of Economics, insofar as they are not found in default of any other binding legal obligations.

The rights and duties of doctoral students

11. Doctoral students are obliged to participate in all classes, lectures and meetings listed in doctoral course requirements.

12. Doctoral students are required to fulfil their obligations as stated in the text of the oath and in the Regulations for Doctoral Studies.

13. The principal obligations of doctoral students will involve realization of the study programme, realization of research and submission of research results to the tutor at the end of each semester.

14. Doctoral students are obliged to pass examinations and obtain credits, as listed in the study programme.

15. Doctoral students have the right to participate in vocational training, as stated in art. 197, pt. 3, of the Act of July 27, 2005, on Higher Education (Off.J. of 2005, No. 164, pos. 1365 with amendments), as well as provisions of art. 195, pt. 5 of the Act.

16. Doctoral students will receive official confirmation for completion of doctoral studies (with supplement), after fulfilling all the requirements of the study programme and after settling their clearance fees and other financial obligations payable to the University with respect to doctoral studies.

17. Doctoral students have the right to apply for opening of doctoral procedures to the appropriate Department Council of Wroclaw University f Economics.


18. Tutors for the course of studies will be selected by students before the end of the first semester.

19. Tuition will be provided by persons holding a degree of doctor habilitatus or an academic title.

20. Tutors are required to make themselves available to doctoral students, as well as provide guidance and support in the task of defining and specifying the scope of research and in formulating the subjects of doctoral theses.

21. Meetings with tutors will be held at dates, places and forms subject to consultation with all parties involved. Contact may also take the form of Internet (online) communication.

Disciplinary responsibilities of doctoral students

22. Breach on the part of doctoral students of any provisions and regulations of the University, as well as acts that infringe on academic dignity will result in disciplinary action, in accordance with binding provisions of the state law and with regulations of Wroclaw University of Economics.

The text of student oath, presented in the Statute of Wroclaw University of Economics, pertains also to doctoral students, in accordance with state law.

“In witness of my obligations to the Republic of Poland, by entering the ranks of student community, I hereby pledge: to dutifully develop my knowledge and skills, to uphold the dignity of a student and the University, to respect the University tradition, to observe the principles of community life and of academic conduct, and to respect the regulations of the University.

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