Foreign candidates who will study on the basis applicable to Polish nationals (whole information) should enroll on and follow education at Wroclaw University of Economics only on the rules applicable to Polish nationals - they have meet the deadlines of schedule and observe the rules for Polish nationals.

Candidate should:

1. Choose study program:

2. Check and collect whole set of required documents (including scans of documents in .jpg and photocopies of whole set of necessary documents):

3. Register in enrolment system – please remember to meet the deadlines.

4. Download photo - 3,5 x 4,5 cm, passport type. Uploaded .jpg version in enrolment system is necessary to issue student’s ID.

5. Fill in form with data (please check with passport name, surname and date of birth).

6. Choose faculty and major of studies. Candidate can take part in enrolment for as many majors as he/she wishes but has to pay enrolment fee for each major. Enrolment fee is not returnable.

7. Pay enrolment fee (85 PLN or 19 EUR) for each major on account which you can find at fees.

8. Upload scans of required documents and scan of proof of payment: .jpg format only in a legible quality - low quality of scans may slow down application process or make it impossible. After receiving information about lack of required documents - please complete set as soon as possible.

9. Pass entrance examination at Wednesday 11.07.2018 (full-time studies only).

10. Check status of your application after 12.07.2018 (results to be announced) in enrolment system. Candidates, who passed entrance examination should confirm their will of study in the system and immediately deliver originals of documents with photocopies to Faculty Enrolment Committee.

Please notice: persons who will not deliver originals of documents with photocopies to Faculty Enrolment Committee on 12.07.2018 are obligated to deliver whole set to Enrolment Office – between 13.07.2018 and 01.10.2018 at 14:00 according schedule of enrolment, bookmark schedule.
Please notice: default of delivering originals of documents before the deadline equals negative enrolment decision - candidate will not start studies.
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