Diploma and University Master in Advanced European Studies (DAES)


The European College of Parma Foundation is a higher education institute which provides advanced academic training for young graduates coming from EU and Non-EU countries in the fields of EU law, economics and policies.

Academic programme
The Diploma and University Master in Advanced European Studies (DAES) is an interdisciplinary postgraduate programme dealing with institutions, law, economics and policies of the European Union. The Faculty includes top-level directors from the European Institutions, University Professors as well as experts in European and International issues. Training is carried out on a full-time basis over one academic year and includes lectures, lectiones magistrales, conferences, study visits to organizations, institutions and companies, as well as debates, workshops and group activities. After having successfully passed all exams, and thus having obtained their Diploma in Advanced European Studies, DAES graduates can achieve a University Master’s Degree by writing and defending a Master thesis with one of the universities with which the European College has entered into specific agreements for that purpose.

Working languages
Lectures and academic activities are carried out in three languages: English, French and Italian, with English prevailing as working and teaching language. In order to enable students to enhance their language competences – essential for international careers – specific language courses in the three working languages are carried out, in particular during the first semester.

The European College of Parma organises traineeships for its graduates within organisations, companies, public offices, professional associations, law firms, etc. at national levels as well as at European levels. In particular, several traineeship opportunities in organisations in the Brussels area are available. Numerous graduates have succeeded in obtaining traineeships within the European institutions. Alumni often report on successful experiences achieved in the labour market at European level. A significant number of graduates have also succeeded in competitions run by European Institutions.

Who can apply
The Diploma and University Master in Advanced European Studies is targeted to EU and non-EU graduates holding university degrees in legal, political, economic, social and language studies, as well as in humanities and journalism and other fields of study that are in relation with the academic programme.
Language requirements:
  • English at level B1 or higher;
  • Italian or French at level A1 or higher.
How to apply
Submit your application by e-mail no later than 2 September 2019.


Possible scholarship opportunities are posted on our website when available. Stay tuned to http://www.europeancollege.it/en/scholarships/

Contact us:

Phone: +39 0521 207525
Mail: info@collegioeuropeo.it

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