National Conference "Changes in the economy"

Ladies and gentlemen!

We cordially invite you to the National Conference "Changes in the economy", which is organized as part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business.

Dates: September 29-30, 2022

Location: Wroclaw University of Economics and Business

Objective: exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of changes in the Polish economy and activities adapting economic entities and public sector units to these changes in the era of geopolitical turbulence.

Thematic areas.
The thematic areas of this conference are the result of seven scientific seminars that took place at the Faculty of Economics and Finance in 2020-2021 and are in line with the priorities expressed in the "State science policy":
• social, economic and territorial cohesion,
• natural resources and the environment management,
• digital economy,
• pro-social management,
• safe management,
• economic aspects of migration.

Formula of the meeting: hybrid mode (stationary with parallel on-line transmission, which enables active remote participation)

Forms of presentations: discussion panels and poster sessions are planned

Publication: participants can publish papers prepared for the conference in one of nine journals, the score of which on the MEiN list is from 20 to 100 points.

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Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Graczyk
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