Visit of the EUA Accreditation Committee

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business hosts the Accreditation Committee of the European University Association (EUA). The committee will decide on re-accreditation under the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP).

The EUA Accreditation Committee began its visit to the WUEB on May 8, 2023. During the four-day stay, our guests will meet almost 80 representatives of the WUEB and our business environment. The purpose of the visit is to assess the progress in the functioning of our University and the changes that we have introduced within 4 years of obtaining this accreditation for the first time in 2019.

The EUA Accreditation Committee consists of:
1. Prof. Tatjana Volkova (BA School of Business and Finance Riga),
2. Dr. Oliver Vettori (Vienna University of Economics and Business),
3. Ann Gvritishvili (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University).


The Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) was established in 1994 and its aim is to support higher education institutions and systems. IEP is an independent membership service of the European University Association (EUA) that offers evaluations of participating institutions, but also supports them in further developing their strategic management and internal quality culture. The

European University Association (EUA) represents over 850 universities in 49 European countries and is thus the largest and most developed association of European universities. In Poland, 6 universities have EUA-IEP accreditation. The WUEB for the first time was accredited in 2019.
Re-obtaining international accreditation will be a confirmation of the quality presented by our University and a great distinction recognized on the international arena. More information on the mission, vision and values of the WUEB in the context of accreditation is available here.
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