The WUEB team at HORIZON – Research and Innovation Actions

GameHeArtS aims to maximize the value of the European videogame industry ecosystems (EVGIE) within the broader context of the creative and cultural industries (CCI).

Recognizing the EVGIE's contributions to economic growth, job creation, well-being, and social cohesion, the project focuses on fostering stronger collaboration between traditional and emerging cultural sectors to create inclusive and socially responsible cultural experiences. Through evidence-based research, GAMEHEARTS will provide policy recommendations and roadmaps for the development of the EVGIE, emphasizing its potential as a catalyst for innovation and economic growth.

The project takes a holistic ecosystem approach, utilizing established and innovative methodologies to assess the competitiveness and development of the EVGIE. The consortium involves leading universities and industry partners including: Universitiy of Salford (UK – project leader), Breda University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), Tampereen korkeakoulusaatio sr (Finland), Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (Poland), Universitat Wien (Austria), City football group (UK), London Symphony Orchestra (UK), Imperial War Museum in London (UK), and Ubisoft (France). GameHearts will cooperate also with major videogame associations, namely European Games Developer Federation (EGDF) and Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE).
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