Location: Lower Silesia, Wrocław, Jelenia Góra
The Wrocław University of Economics is located within a compact campus in the central part of the city. The Faculty of Economics, Management and Tourism has a separate faculty campus in Jelenia Góra.


Our students and academics are provided with a modern, well-equipped base of didactic, research, and recreational facilities in 20 educational and administration buildings (in Wrocław and Jelenia Góra), with a total of 40 lecture halls and 100 spacious and modern auditorium and workshop rooms. Overall capacity of our educational base reaches nearly 8 thousand seats. Research and education of the Wrocław University of Economics is supplemented by dedicated organizational units, such as the Main Library, the Department of Foreign Languages, the Department of Physical Education and Sports, the Computer Centre and the University Publishing House.

Facilities for Disabled Students

Most of the buildings are adjusted for needs of disabled persons. Classes for groups including disabled students are organised in the most convenient locations.

Within the frame of the Physical Education Centre there operates the Centre of Sport and Rehabilitation for Disabled People.

The Main Library

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The Main Library of the Wroclaw University of Economics offers employees, students and all interested persons full access to the library collections, electronic resources and wireless Internet as well as complex scientific and business information. In the Open Access Area, registered readers can browse collections on the spot or borrow them by selfservice lending machines or in the Lending Room. Books may be returned 24/7 by means of a book drop located outside the main entrance to the Library. The Open Access Area and reading rooms are fully accessible for people with disabilities. The Economic Information Centre EIC located on the first floor of ‘W’ building provides online assistance in: searching for economic information, preparing statistical summaries, searching for subject-related literature and drawing up bibliographic lists.
The European Reading Room offers over 1000 books and journals selected from the Library`s collection, European Union publications and other EU documents.

Our Library has:

Our Collections:

The Main Library is open:   

Reading rooms at the Main Library are open:

Computer Centre and Facilities


At the campus, there operates the University’s Computer Centre. Faculty teaching premises are equipped with modern computer bases available in computer rooms. A modern operating system technology “cloud” and according to the concept of “zero client”. Properly selected and implemented software tools to help studentsuse their knowledge in practice. The university, in practice, education and research to benefit from the global computer software company SAP, with substantial financial support from the HP Global Business Services in. Throughout the main campus, a network of wireless Internet, the connection to the global network of universities EduRoam. This network is available free of charge to students, university staff and its guests.

Publishing House


The University Publishing House was set up in 1955. Activities of the unit are supervised by the Publishing Committee of the University’s Senate, elected to shape publishing policy of the school. The main task of the publishing house is to provide handbooks and printed material for students and to publish and disseminate intellectual efforts of our academic community. Subjects represented in the publishing policy correspond to the disciplines of interest of the University chairs and institutes. General characteristics of our publications are as follows:

All our publications undergo a review process. The annual output of the publishing house amounts to ca. 100 publications, roughly 7 million characters. The high factual and technical standard of our publications has been confirmed by numerous awards granted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

You can reach us at

Department of Physical Education and Sports

The department offers regular courses of physical education as well as supplementary sports training, recreation, and rehabilitation for students and employees of the University. Our activities are organized with support from the University Club of the Academic Sports Association. At present, we offer courses and training on 20 sports disciplines, such as: aerobics, badminton, basketball, volleyball, handball, football, swimming, athletics, table tennis, unihockey, rock climbing, ballroom dance, tennis, biking (tourist), triathlon, horse riding, track and field, skiing, snowboard, and skating.
The University Club of the Academic Sports Association sponsors the training of our professional table tennis team, with players in the major league and first national league. In the season of 2012/2013, the women’s team of the Wrocław University of Economics ranked second in the national team championship.
Each year, the University Club organizes a “Sports Ball” venue to reward sporting achievements of our graduates.

You can contact us via our homepage at http//

Canteen and Cafeteria

The main student canteen is placed in building D and offers hot meals for lunches (approximately 12 PLN), snacks, hot and cold drinks. Other Cafeterias are situated in building Z (Zetka Cafe”), in building P (“Bazylia”).


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