An award for our scientists' handbook

ib_okladkaThe handbook by Bogusława Drelich-Skulska, Małgorzata Domiter and Anna H. Jankowiak (ed.) "International business in the global world" received a distinction in this year's PTE competition for the best handbook on economics, published in 2015-2018.

The handbook is directed towards International Business course students, studying at Bachelor's and Master's level. It is a comprehensive source of information on international business, and the authors discuss issues necessary for the implementation of such subjects as international business, international finance, international marketing, international management, international logistics and international settlements. In addition, it contains a discussion of current phenomena and trends in the global economy, such as migrations, multicultural surroundings, and corruption. The handbook is written in English, and the reader will find there a lot of interesting and useful examples of business implementation in the global economy.

The handbook has been published by WUEB publishing house and is available for purchase at

Table of Contents and Introduction
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