New book edited by Prof. B. Drelich-Skulska and Prof. Mami Hiraike Okawara on globalization from the Polish and Japanese perspective

Current Trends in the Global EconomyGlobalization and human development are inextricably linked. The human race has been accompanied by globalization for several dozen years or even centuries. At present, it would be difficult to identify an aspect of our life free from its influence. In the economic and political discourse supporters and opponents of globalization are equal in number.
Current Trends in the Global Economy. From the Perspective of Japanese and Polish Economists” (グローバル・エコノミーの最新の動向: 日本とポーランドの経済学者の観点から), edited by Prof. Bogusława Drelich-Skulska and Prof. Mami Hiraike Okawara, is the publication resulting from international academic cooperation between Polish researchers from the from the Asia-Pacific Research Centre at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, and Japanese researches from the Takasaki City University of Economics. Presenting the results of the interdisciplinary research the authors delineate the selected current trends and challenges of the contemporary world economy and also inspire readers to ask further questions about the future of globalization.
The book forms a mosaic of Polish and Japanese scholars’ different points of view and it is addressed to readers who wish to deepen their knowledge of the most recent phenomena emerging in the economy. It is recommended specifically for researchers and teaching academics dealing with the broadly understood globalization, students of economic universities and business practitioners looking for information on the global and, concurrently, turbulent business environment and interested in expansion to foreign markets.
It will make fascinating reading!

Table of Contents and Introduction
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