Official opening of the Business Process Simulation Center

Teaching and research innovation

At the beginning of the 2020/2021 academic year, the campus of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business was enriched with an innovative teaching and research facility, built and launched thanks to the support of EU funds. The Business Process Simulation Center (CSPB) is an interactive computer lab for designing, modeling, visual simulating and improving business processes using the latest computer and audiovisual technologies (including integrated AV signal management systems and Virtual Reality technology - VR) and an integrated access control system and virtual reception. The main task of the CSPB is to support education processes in all forms of studies and as part of training and courses organized by the WUEB. The facility will also be used to conduct scientific research and implement projects for the University's business environment as an interactive simulation environment. Thanks to the implemented technological solutions, CSPB can be safely described as a unique project on a national and even global scale!


The originator and manager of the CSPB is dr hab. Krzysztof Nowosielski, professor of the WUEB, scientist and educator, passionate about the use of modern technology in education and research. It was he who initiated the creation of this facility, guided by the need to create a virtual business environment on the WUEB campus that would bring students closer to practice in the best possible way.


How it works?

The building has a modular structure made of a set of nine interconnected containers - mobile spatial systems that constitute one level. When designing this facility, an assumption was made that the building could be expanded by another two storeys in the future, while maintaining the existing technology.

In its current shape, two utility zones have been separated in the CSPB facility: the process design zone and the VR zone. The first of these zones is used to create process models with the use of Business Process Modeling Software systems, their visual 3D simulation, and to conduct improvement and optimization works. CSPB uses the American FlexSim simulation design software. In the main projection room there is a training station and 12 participants' stations. All stations were equipped with special monitors with a screen aspect ratio of 32 x 10, enabling the display of multi-threaded content of the modeled process, including, among others: 3D process model, process-flow, management dashboards, input and output tables. The content of the classes, coming from both the coaching station and the participants of the classes, can be displayed on the main projection screen. The trainer decides about the choice of the signal source using a special control panel.


The second zone (VR) allows walks through the processes and interactive participation in virtual decision games (VDG) in various roles. In this zone, six VR boxes have been organized, where, after putting on special goggles, the participant can actively participate in the simulation. In the first phase of implementation of the designed solutions, a total of 20 VDGs are available to users in the areas of: production, transport and warehouse logistics, as well as in the area of ​​administrative and commercial processes. A CSPB user will be able to act as, among others, a manager of a large-scale commercial facility in the construction industry or a food wholesaler or take on the role of a production manager or director of a waste management plant. The user will also be able to learn to make decisions in the area of ​​finance and accounting (including in the field of: liquidity management, investment profitability assessment, identification of resource consumption and its valuation, or cost accounting of manufactured products / services), basing on simulation results. The adopted technology enables the free expansion of the implemented games, as well as the design and implementation of new ones.

Cooperation with the environment

The Business Process Simulation Center is intended not only for educational purposes, however. As a unit specializing in the field of broadly understood process management with the use of the latest IT and audiovisual solutions, including VR technology, it is to support development activities in line with the vision, mission and strategy of the WUEB, which include active cooperation with the socio-economic environment.

The tasks of the Center will include initiating and participating in the implementation of research and development works for business and the University, including the identification, mapping, analysis and improvement of processes, participation in the creation of the concept of process models for new economic activities and their interactive simulation and research supported VR technology.


Thus, the beneficiaries of the activities undertaken will be representatives of the socio-economic environment of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, as well as employees, organizational units of the University, science clubs and student organizations.

The organization and participation of the Center team in seminars and scientific conferences is planned, presenting the University's experience in the use of modern information and audiovisual technologies, including VR, in the field of simulation and interactive visualization of business processes.

The establishment of the Business Process Simulation Center was possible thanks to the funds of the "PORTAL - Integrated Development Program of the Wrocław University of Economics" co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund under the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program.

dr hab. Krzysztof Nowosielski, prof UE
Tel.: +48 71 36 80 725

Jolanta Nowacka
Spokesperson of the Rector of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business
Tel .: +48 71 36 80 919/668 864 501

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