Recruitment to Japan 2020/2021

Dear Students,

The WUEB International Cooperation Center announces enrollment for study in Japan for the Fall 2020 semester (September 2020 - January / February 2021) and Spring 2021 semester (March / April 2021 - July / August 2021).

WARNING! - Students taking part in the exchange are exempt from tuition fees for studies at the Partner University, but they pay all costs related to traveling to Japan, i.e. transport, accommodation, meals, visa, insurance, etc.
In addition, students of paid studies at WUEB pay all the costs associated with studying at the home university.

Recruitment rules:
(file to download)

Recruitment schedule:
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STUDYING IN JAPAN (academic year 2020/2021)
recruitment schedule

date task who
Submission of recruitment documents - students applying for travel in the winter and summer semester
International Cooperation Center - International Mobility Section,
building A, room 27 -
Joanna Tyburczy, MA

20.02.2020 Preparation of initial list of candidates for travel (including waiting list)
Selection Committee
20.02.2020 Notification of selected candidates about the dates of recruitment interviews (by phone / email)
Selection Committee
godz. 10:00-12:00
Recruitment interviews with selected candidates
Students, Selection Committee
International Cooperation Center,
building A, room 18
27.02.2020 Preparation of the final list of students qualified for the trip
Selection Committee
27.02.2020 Providing candidates with information on the decision to qualify or not to qualify for the trip (by phone / email)
Selection Committee
01.03.2020 Submission of a set of documents required by Partner Universities
Studenci (zakwalifikowani na wyjazd w semestrze
Fall 2020)
Application Form:
(file to download)


  Kanagawa University Webpage


Takasaki City University of Economics Webpage


  Toyo University Webpage
Questions regarding recruitment:
International Cooperation Center - International Mobility Section
Joanna Tyburczy, MA
phone: 71/36 80 131
building A, room 27 (ground floor)
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