"Doktorat wdrożeniowy" Industrial Doctoral Program

The Wroclaw University of Economics and Business launched the PhD studies within the Program of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education entitled "Doktorat wdrożeniowy" (Industrial Doctoral Program). The goal of the "Doktorat wdrożeniowy" Program is to solve the original scientific problem and practical issues in such a way that the resulting solution can be implemented. The dual nature of studies requires the provision of a scientific promoter from the scientific unit. The second important element is the involvement of the program partner, which may be a company or other entity operating in the socio-economic environment. The necessary condition is to maintain the employment relationship of the doctoral student on a full-time basis throughout the period of study. In addition, the employer shall provide an ancillary supervisor who shall meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • has a degree or a scientific title
  • can demonstrate at least five years of experience in conducting research and development
  • has achievements in the field of the development and implementation in the economic or social sphere of an original design, construction, technology or artistic solution, of a supralocal scope and a durable and universal character
The benefits of the implementation doctorate lie primarily with the employer, who develops his research and development sphere and obtains a solution to a specific problem. However, the company's secret will be secured by a signed contract.

More information about the Program from which the initiative is financed can be found on the website of MNiSW (in Polish).
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