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On October 11, 2018 Wrocław University of Economics and Wrocław-Południe Housing Cooperative have signed a historic contract to provide our University with self-sufficiency in energy. This state the University will achieve in 2030, thanks to the fact that the Climate Reality Project, international organization that initiates and supports green energy transformation around the world, chose our University as the future leader of changes in the Renewable Energy Sources field.

Wrocław University of Economics will be a participant in this process through research and didactics and practically through the creation of a green campus and green investments.

The help, based on their own experience in the field of photovoltaic installations, was declared by the Wrocław-Południe Housing Cooperative, which launched the Wrocław Solar Plant - the only in Poland and unique distributed solar plant based on photovoltaics, installed on the roofs of the cooperative. 
Researchers from WUE, under Horizon 2020 project, are carrying out the scientific research in co-creation and electricity produced in the city. The cooperative will use the results of these research during the implementation of another project related to the installation of heat pumps, that cooperate with photovoltaic installations on the roofs of another buildings.

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