Foundation for Polish Science (FNP)

Foundation for Polish Science (FNP)

In connection with the tragic events in Ukraine, the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) decided to launch a new initiative: the Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Programme. The FNP will finance up to six scientific projects in the field of social sciences and humanities carried out jointly by a pair of scientists from Poland and Ukraine. The budget of each project for the period of 12 months is PLN 268 800, which includes both salaries and research-related costs.

The programme is addressed to scientists with a doctoral degree, who regardless of nationality, on the day the war in Ukraine began, namely February 24, 2022, worked at institutions conducting scientific research in Ukraine and scientists employed at institutions that conduct scientific research in Poland.

The call for applications will be held in two competitions, on the following dates: by April 29, 2022 (first competition), and by September 30, 2022 (second competition).

For more information and detailed regulations, see the programme website.

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