Ukraine Caffee

Ukraine Caffee

Ukraine Caffee was opened on March 8. A place where guests can come and relax with family or friends, spend time together.

Our target group is primarily students from Ukraine, their families, parents, siblings and their friends. We are also open to anyone who wants to visit us.

Opening hours:
  • Mon - Fri 16.00-20.00
  • Sat 15.00-19.00
We have an information board with all the announcements that may be useful for people coming from Ukraine.
Information that you can find in Ukraina Caffee:
  • Caffee opening hours,
  • information on how to legalize your stay in Poland,
  • information on how to correctly complete the application for financial aid for EU students,
  • information on current offers for refugees, etc.
Implemented projects:
a language course for people from Ukraine who want to learn Polish. The teacher is already involved in this project, she is conducting the classes, but the group is still gathering.
regular meetings with a psychologist. We decided that it would be a very good idea to psychological help students and their families to survive these difficult times.

Spending time together in the evening
In the evenings, we also organize joint meetings of the residents of our dormitories, watch movies together, play board games and arrange puzzles. We suggest spending time together with people who are well-connected in order to forget about problems and rest for at least 2 hours. It is also a good chance to find new good friends among students of the University of Economics.

Every guest who plans to visit us will surely find something for themselves.

We invite everyone to visit Ukraine Caffee!
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