As an academic community, we share and implement the following values:
  • Community
  • Truth
  • Freedom
  • Responsibility
  • Modernity
  • Excellence
  • Entrepreneurship

We treat the University as a community to which we are loyal. In mutual relations we show respect, tolerance, kindness, and mindfulness. We value cooperation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, based on open and transparent communication.

We treat discovering and proclaiming the truth and educating present and future generations in its spirit as our primary duty.

For us, freedom means the freedom to express our thoughts and choose our research problems. We believe that the freedom to choose one's own path is essential to the pursuit of truth, development, and progress. We recognize respect for the freedom of others and the truth as the limits of our own freedom.

We understand responsibility as a moral and legal obligation to be responsible for our actions and omissions and their consequences, as well as for other members of the academic community and for the impact we have on the good and image of the entire University.


For us, modernity is an attitude that recognizes the complexity of the modern world, democratization and the imperative of development. We strive for high innovation, taking advantage of scientific, technological, and social progress.

We recognize that excellence is not a condition, but an attitude and the way we continuously operate to meet or exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders.

We understand entrepreneurship as the constant identification and use of development opportunities. We strive to be an active creator of reality, forming an environment conducive to taking up new challenges and projects.

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