Identified megatrends

Identified megatrends

This document does not present the strategic analyzes underlying the proposed strategy. However, in order to present our understanding of the future, we present below the key megatrends that will determine our functioning. These include:

Emergence of a new model of sustainable economy

Criticism of the current one and the emergence of a new model of environmentally and socially responsible economy

VUCA world
Increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity as a constant determinant of thinking about business, social, and personal reality

Technological revolution and digital transformation
New, groundbreaking products and services that eliminate the existing ones and influence the emergence of new business models

Changes in the value systems of the young generation
New style of work, personalization, individualization, the economy of experience, work-life balance

Demographic changes

Aging of the population and extension of the period of professional activity

Climate crisis

Increasing awareness of environmental threats and growing social opposition movements
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