Strategic priorities

Strategic priorities

Identified challenges, aspirations, as well as our vision and mission lead to the identification of strategic priorities:

Committed personnel

How we understand it:
The role of the University is to provide attractive conditions for the development and self-fulfillment of employees in the key areas: science, didactics, expertize, and organization.
The University provides the opportunity to individualize career development paths in the selected, or in each of the above, areas.
The University appreciates the outstanding achievements of employees in any of the above-mentioned areas, in line with the individual development path.

Modern organization

How we understand it:
A business university and its key processes must correspond to the realities of the modern digital world.
The space of the University should reflect the realities of modern forms of work, combining the agora, coworking spaces and remote work.
The University will guarantee fully digital experience in the field of communication, cooperation, education and research activities.
As part of sustainable development, the University will obtain energy from renewable sources and eliminate paper as an information carrier and the use of plastics.

Cooperation with business

How we understand it:
The University will be the center of innovation processes and expert support for enterprises in our region.
The University will develop an innovative startup environment aimed at launching new ventures of students of various universities, supporting their development in terms of capital and organization.
The University will become an effective platform for the transfer of knowledge and competences between science and the economy.

Recognized practice-inspired research

How we understand it:
The University will address the most current and essential research problems of significant economic and social importance.
The long-term scientific and research achievements of the University will be based on intensive and efficient research and development and expert activities.

Outstanding education of experts and business leaders

How we understand it:
The University will implement modern didactics that draws from educational methods combining the individualization of the teaching process and innovative technologies.
The University's didactic model will be based on the phenomenon-based learning approach and interdisciplinary projects.
The University's didactic programs will be created and implemented in cooperation with its key stakeholders.

Continuous development of the competences of the future

How we understand it:
The University will become an environment for the continuous development of competences both for its graduates and specialists from other universities.
A special value of the University will be the re-skilling and up-skilling of key competences for the changing economy model.
Graduates will become a special group of stakeholders, actively involved in developing the competences of the future and of the University itself.
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