ProCom Energiemarkt-Tage 2017

ProCom Energy Market Conference

29th - 30th November 2017 at the nhow Hotel - The Music and Lifestyle Hotel Berlin

The persistent trend towards digitization is playing a leading role not only in the energy transition but in all markets. It would be virtually impossible to stop it in its tracks. Could we instead harness the opportunities that digitization provides? Businesses need to anticipate this development and turn the disruptive force that is digitization into an opportunity to shape the energy transition with cutting-edge applications and processes.

Data is becoming increasingly important. Our industry and our business are becoming attractive and dynamic because of it, but also more decentralised and faster-paced. What does this mean in practice for future developments in the energy sector? What are the recommendations for action in an increasingly fragmented market with a growing number of options? What are the consequences for established business models and where are the risks and opportunities for development?

At this year's Energy Market Conference, ProCom will invite leading participants from industry, manufacturing, trade and research to join in its 40th anniversary celebrations and discuss these issues and other developments in business and technology.

With over 100 participants and 15 guest speakers, the annual Energy Market Conference has established itself as a leading forum for the entire energy sector. Don't miss the opportunity to take part in this exchange.

Our core themes will be:

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