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The Faculty of Management and Computer Science was founded in 1976, and relatively recently was expanded into its current shape (included Finance in 2008). As a part of a public national university, it functions within the Public Higher Education System, with accreditations on the behalf of the Ministry of Education in Poland.

The Faculty has its own discretion in the research and educational areas; moreover, it has its own accreditation and degree awarding powers. It is integrated with the University at the level of the financial structure, all supporting services for students and some administrative areas, as well as at the level of the decision making process in cases where the decisions concern the University as a whole.

The faculty is of sufficient quality and size to meet the needs of delivering all the programs in the Faculty's educational offer.

Among major courses offered there are a few unique ones conducted in English, namely

  • Business Informatics,
  • Bachelor Studies in Finance (EPAS Accreditation),
  • Master Studies in Finance (EPAS Accreditation),
  • Bachelor of Business Management,
  • Master of Business Management,
  • Logistics,
  • Business Administration - part-time Master program.

The Faculty also offers postgraduate Executive MBA studies in English.

Portfolio contains majors in three Faculty's titular fields.

Each Bachelor program has at least one Master counterpart-continuation.

Majors are offered in full and part-time versions.

An element of strong national standing of the faculty includes entitlements for awarding academic degrees. Currently the Faculty entitlements include:

  • doctor of economic sciences, in the following disciplines:
    • management sciences (since 1977),
    • economics (since 1977) and
    • finance (since 2011)
  • doctor habilitatus of economic sciences:
    • management sciences (since 1977),
    • economics (1977),
    • and finance (2013)

The Faculty has been classified by the Ministry as "A" in terms of research output (the grade is periodically revised, the scale ranges from A+ to C).

The Faculty Board for the term of 2016-2020

Dean of the Faculty

prof. dr hab. Ewa Stańczyk-Hugiet
tel. (71) 36 80 154
p. 310 bud. Z
e-mail: zif_dziekan@ue.wroc.pl

Vice Dean for Student Affairs

dr hab. Helena Dudycz, prof. UE
tel. (71) 36 80 614
p. 305 bud. Z
e-mail: helena.dudycz@ue.wroc.pl

Vice Dean for Academic Programs

dr hab. Robert Kowalak, prof. UE
tel. (71) 36 80 614
p. 305 bud. Z
e-mail: robert.kowalak@ue.wroc.pl

Vice Dean for Internal & External Relations

dr inż. Michał Biernacki
tel. (71) 36 80 154
p. 305 bud. Z
e-mail: michal.biernacki@ue.wroc.pl

Vice Dean for Faculty Strategy & Development

dr Marek Wąsowicz
tel. (71) 36 80 154
p. 305 bud. Z
e-mail: marek.wasowicz@ue.wroc.pl

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