Bachelor of Business Management - 2017/2018

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

BBM is an undergraduate program for management studies. It is an English-taught management study program focusing on all the major aspects of business and management. Courses in a BBM program provide students with a diverse understanding of management practices in business. The BBM degree program is organized to provide a general overview of the operations of business and the business environment.
The Program aims at developing students with effective human, technical and conceptual skills, along with complete knowledge of the core functional areas of management. This Program helps to develop students as committed, responsible, ethical and active managers; perfecting their latent skills, sparking their curiosity, developing leadership qualities and the ability to influence and change their organization and society as a whole in a positive and significant manner; thereby enabling them to reach the top of their potential.
The BBM is designed for students who are interested in pursuing managerial and entrepreneurial careers in both domestic and international companies.
Students acquire the knowledge, practical skills, and analytical tools needed to establish a successful enterprise or perform effectively as a manager.
Students who satisfactorily complete all the required course work shall receive a Diploma/Bachelor  Degree in Management – Business Management from Wroclaw University of Economics.

Who is the Bachelor of BM designed for

The BBM is a full-time program.  The structure and curriculum are designed for students with little or no work experience

The BBM program is aimed at candidates with little or no work experience, who have the motivation and desire to build a strong foundation for a career in business. To join the program, candidate will have completed secondary school with a good degree.

Program details

The Programme consists of courses covering a wide range of fundamental knowledge and skills. These modules are supplemented with a number of workshops to balance theory and concepts with skills and practice.

Only the most effective active learning methods are used. There is a strong focus on teamwork, case studies, group projects, professional business applications, and simulation games.           

Student profile

BBM degree program is a three-year program that prepares to take on a variety of managerial roles in many different types of business. Students who complete the BBM will be able to demonstrate: a broad overview of the concepts, theories, and applications of management; the insights to be creative and flexible so as to generate and apply critical thinking; preparedness to lead and manage in a wide range of employment scenarios; the analytical and non-analytical tools necessary to address a wide range of general management problems; the business skills and tools necessary to compete in a complex, quickly changing global environment.

Major Course list for Bachelor of Business Management Studies

  • Management
  • Law
  • Mathematics (with elements of financial math)
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Statistics for Business
  • Accounting
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Human Resources Management
  • Logistics
  • Innovation Management
  • Negotiations
  • Marketing
  • Basics of IT Systems
  • Financial Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Labour Management
  • Organizational Methods and Techniques
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Decisions in Enterprises
  • Operational Research
  • Civil and Commercial law
  • Enterprise Science
  • Games and Business Simulation I
  • Games and Business Simulation II
  • Entrepreneurship
To find out more information about BBM, please contact us. Candidates who will have any problems or questions should contact us by email:
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