Appeal of the President of Wrocław to students

Students of Wrocław,

I ask you to treat the period of suspension of classes at universities seriously as a time of our joint mobilization for the sake of the safety of Wrocław residents, including you and your families.

I appeal to you: stay in your homes, dormitories and private accommodation - this way you will help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

There are over 110,000 of you in Wrocław! You are a very important and extremely large group of Wrocław residents. We are counting on you! Let us all comply with the appeal of the government authorities to minimize our presence in the public space.

This is not a fun time.

The fewer meetings and gatherings, the lower the risk of spreading the disease. Let's think about the most vulnerable: older people and those less resistant than us.

Knowing that I can always count on you,

Jacek Sutryk,
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